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Washi tape Förpackningar - Tidformera

Washi tape Packaging

Welcome to our department with washi tape and decorative tape in packs!

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A few tips along the way

About Washi tape Packaging

Have you ever tried using washi tape? But saw nice spreads in Bullet Journals, or beautiful creations in card making or scrapbooking. Snailing around for some neat packaging to try? It can feel completely overwhelming when you start looking around. The good thing about packaging is that you get a head start. What is less good is that you rarely like all the motifs. The larger the package of washi tape, the greater the risk that half of it may end up unused.

Figure out which patterns and colors you want. If you don't find the neat packaging where you like the absolute majority, you're going to rush washi piece by pieceand uses the filter. There are quantities and you can filter by colors and motif.

Are you a washi-oholic like us? Then you should think about whether you should come to a customer weekend here in Tierp. People travel in from all over the country and are given free time to play with everything in our customer corner. There we have crazy amounts of washi tape and the majority who are there are just as inveterate washi-oholics. Incredibly nice meetings!

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