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Pigment Decobrush

Pigment DecoBrush are really fun brush pens from Karin Markers. The pencils have a pigment-based acrylic color, which means that they are full coverage and you can build layer-on-layer with different colors. You can also mix pencil colors by either putting tips against each other or brushing color on some plastic material where you then pick up color with another pen or blender.

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A few tips along the way

About Pigment Decobrush

You can use on lots of different materials, for example glass, paper, plastic, wood, stone and canvas. After drying, they are lightfast, permanent (depending on the material) and full coverage. You shake the pen before use. These, however, you don't have to keep pumping color by pressing down on the tip and causing color to flow through the tip like on traditional markers. However, the pens should be stored lying down with the tip slightly downwards so that the tip does not dry out.

The pens contain 2.4 ml of acrylic paint and it is a so-called "liquid ink" technology, which means that you use up the pen to the last drop. Pigment DecoBrush are really fun pens to use for brush lettering, for example, as you can achieve really delicious effects. But also for many different forms of crafts, to paint flowers and different forms of decorations. Available as single pens and in different forms of packs.

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