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About us

Time for more! A little easier and a lot more fun, in that direction we wanted to develop our own lives. This evolved into the idea behind this company, time for more! Welcome here!
Tidformera consists of Kicki & Ashley and we want to feel good, be happy, have decent order at home, be happy mothers and partners, hobbies, associations, develop, meet friends and simply just live life. This is not simple every time when you stumble around the squirrel wheel. Do you recognize yourself? 7 years ago when we started Tidformera, we started looking for and testing methods and immediately found Bullet Journaling. A planning method where you use paper and pencil to control a messy brain and at the same time weave in creative crafts. To be able to turn boring planning into a fun hobby? We fell head over heels for this method and since then a lot has happened.

Here we pack orders the Tidformera way

We are basically an e-commerce and we are located in Tierp. The venue is super cozy and you have the opportunity to try basically everything. However, we do not have obvious opening hours because we have fast deliveries and our life is governed by Postnord pickups. Do you want to come by? Contact us and it can certainly be resolved.

We receive visitors from all over the country at our Bullet Journal meetings, and in the future we will make our premises available if you want to hold various forms of workshops and meetings.

Hope you enjoy our crawl-in! Our ambition is to bring in the advantages of the physical store but with the flexibility behind e-commerce. Anything can happen here!

Events at Tidformera

Our lovely venue is adapted for customer meetings and we hold a few meetings a year. The meetings that we organize ourselves are usually focused on Bullet Journaling with meetings on the theme of Christmas-BuJo or Bubbel, Babbel and BuJo. If you want to organize a meeting or workshop in our premises, please contact us. Or if you have any questions or concerns? Mail:


Right now we have nothing booked. Do you want to arrange a meeting / workshop etc.? Contact Us!

This has happened:

26-29 January 2024

We visited a big fair to talk to suppliers and find new things :)

25 November 2023 Christmas BuJo in our premises

Official: 10-16 registration required! Classic meeting in our premises. Pula with books, chat and get inspiration from everyone else. Unofficial: From 4pm it's After-BuJo and you're free to pop your own bottles of bubbly.

27–29 October 2023 Sewing and Craft Festival Stockholm

Fun days at Stockholmsmässan where we met many wonderful, cuddly customers!

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