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Bullet Journal

Bullet Journal is an analog planning method where you use paper and pen and collect notes, to-do notes, calendar and your whole brain in one place. This has become extremely popular and is something we really recommend! For many, BuJo (short for Bullet Journal) is a great tool to support a tired or cluttered brain. But for many, this develops into a creative hobby where you combine planning and tinkering. No two books are alike. This is a completely individual management of your existence.
Paperstyle anteckningsböcker Dotted - Denim - Paperstyle - Tidformera

Which book should I choose?

When you start a Bullet Journal, you can use any notebook you like. But dotted notebooks, i.e. a writing book with dotted paper, are incredibly popular like BuJo! This is because dots make the books something in between lined, checkered and unlined notebooks. Dotted notebook books get all of these properties. You can draw, write, make tables, sketches, lists and the dots provide good support regardless of what you want to do.

Ryder Carroll - creator of the Bullet Journal

Ryder Carroll is the creator behind the Bullet Journal method. This is not a new-found method for him, but something that has developed throughout his life. As a youngster, he had a hard time at school, due to ADD which meant problems focusing on the right thing at the right time. He managed to piece together a system with a notebook. The book became a cross between calendar, diary, notebook, "to-do" list and sketchbook. Now it has become a movement with creative planners worldwide! Bullet Journaling is a method that is individually laid out as needed. The aim is to make use of the two most important resources you have, your time and your energy.

Olika former av pennor till Bullet journaling

Pencils in your Bullet Journal

A problem many people experience in their Bullet Journals is that it becomes so-called ghosting. That it shines through on the other side of the paper. The second is that pencils can bleed through paper. Pencils that are water-based generally do not bleed through. In our shop, 99.9% of the pens are water-based. That it ghosts largely depends on which book, pen and technology you have.

Roligt att använda stämplar i en Bullet Journal

Accessories for your Bullet Journal

We have a wide range of practical, fun and great accessories for your Bullet Journal! We have stencils and rulers that are directly adapted for Bullet Journaling. But also stamps and calendar stickers. Really fun puzzle!

Ett vanligt uppslag i våra BuJos kan se ut så här

Washi tape

This is the savior in need when it comes to decorating and hiding blemishes!

Washi tape is a form of decorative tape that originally comes from Japan and is made of paper. The tape can be used for most things and the glue allows the tape to be moved. Washi tape is an excellent tool when it comes to decorating your notebooks, both inside and outside to get your own personal twist. Also popular to use for various forms of decorations and crafts.

Stickers att dekorera med

Decoration stickers

Fast, fun and decorative! Stickers quickly spice up almost any craft project such as Bullet Journals, card making or scrapbooking! Here you will find a large selection of decorative stickers with cute animals, beautiful flowers, funny figures or seasonal motifs.