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Welcome to our department with pens! We try as much as we can to show colors and function on everything from thin fineliners to brush pens. When we develop a range, our main starting point is that the pens should work well in the notebooks in our range.

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A few tips along the way

About Pens

We have loads of brush pens. Perfect to use when you want to write headlines,brush lettering, color and make cross-overs.

Fineliners are perfect when you want thin and fine lines!

Ballpoint and rollerball pens are good when you want to write running text, pens that are good to always have at hand. Can also be used for decorations as we have a wide range of pens with very nice colours.

Among fiber tip pens, you will usually find the slightly more odd range with special functions. Good pens for coloring and decorations etc. Among the fiber tip pens you will find, among other things dot pens with the dot function. You find scroll which has a tip that is cut in a slightly odd way. You find Posca pens which adheres to the vast majority of substrates. But also classic coloring of various kinds.

Colored pencils are perfect when you want to color in coloring books and draw with shading effects.

Then of course we have classics highlighting pens, pencils and markers.

Not to forget what is hidden inside reservoir calligraphy and glass pens where you also find ink cartridges and liquid ink in bottles.

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