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Leuchtturm Bullet Journal edition 2

Leuchtturm Bullet Journal edition 2 has been developed together with Ryder Carroll, the creator behind the Bullet Journaling method Leuchtturm1917 . These are notebooks with a lot of extra features, completely adapted for the Bullet Journal .

The notebooks have an insert that is dotted, which means dotted pages. The main distinguishing features of these notebooks compared to other dotted notebooks are:

The paper around the book has information about all the additional functions found in it. It states, for example, that the book begins with a "Grid Guide", a practical aid to avoid counting dots. There are additional dots on the pages that highlight to further facilitate using the guide on the first page. There is also a sheet of stickers where, among other things, months, numbers and the first letter of the days of the week appear (in English).

The book opens with a Key page, which shows the traditional symbols that are usually used. Next comes Intentions, Index and Futurelog.

The book also contains a practical booklet about the method itself, however in English.

An extremely practical book to get started with method!

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About Leuchtturm Bullet Journal edition 2

Some may find it very overwhelming with all this extra. Then we recommend using a more stripped-down book. The series withnotebooks with 120 GSM from Leuchtturmare the same, but everything about the Bullet Journal is stripped away. Really good notebooks.

The book aboutThe Bullet Journal method by Ryderis also really good to read!

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