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Kulspets- och Rollerballpennor - Tidformera

Ballpoint and Rollerball pens

Welcome to our department with ballpoint and rollerball pens! Sometimes there is a bit of confusion about what kind of pens these are. But it is simply about what is actually stated in the name. The tip of the pen has a tiny ball that rolls as you write. The ink in the pen is transferred via that ball to the paper.

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A few tips along the way

About Ballpoint and Rollerball pens

If you ever have problems with this type of pen, the likely cause is that the ball has dried on some ink in the tip. It is usually easily remedied by rubbing the tip of the pen against something rubberized so that the ball is released again. Alternatively, place the tip in a little water for a while.

These are extremely nice pencils for daily use, but also pencils with a dot over them for decoration! Are you looking for crazy nice pens to write with? Check out EnerGel, some of our absolute best sellers.

The bestseller category also includes Sarasa which are also nice to write with but above all have a nice fast-drying ink in beautiful colours.

Do you want to give a slightly more exclusive pen or get a little glamor in everyday life? Take a look at the Sarasa mentioned above but in the Grand model or Pilot's delicious series with Retro Pop.

If you want erasable pens, check out FriXion.

You have wonderful gel pens for decoration in Hybrid Dual Metallic, Choose, Gelly role and Signo Broad.

If you want good gel pens that really stand out with precision, you should take a look at Maica and Synergy. Wonderful pens that we highly recommend.

A classic among ballpoint pens is the Pilots G-2. A pen you should never underestimate. Affordable and very comfortable to write with.


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