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Brush Pen - Brush pens

Welcome to our brush pen section! We have an incredible range of brush pens because they are great pens that have many functions. Very good pens when you want to write calligraphy, brush lettering and headlines with. Also good for colouring, can use as a highlighter and many are really fun to use as watercolors!

The majority also have double nibs so you get a thin pen for details in the bargain – in one and the same pen!

In the blog you will find a video with the different sizes. We have deeutom Little tips on the way further down this page.

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About Brush Pen - Brush pens

The Tombow ABT dual brush pen is one of our absolute best sellers. Large brush tip and also a small fiber tip for detailed work. Pens that are water soluble and can be used with water.

Fudenosuke, Brush Sign Pen and Fude-Makase are the big sellers among brush pens with small tips.

Brushables stand out by having dual tips but with different colors! The other nib has 50% less color and very good pencils when you want matching shading etc. Big nibs and the ink doesn't combine well with water.

Mildliners from Zebra are also pens with double tips, a large brush tip and a small bullet for detailed work. The ink is water resistant and cannot be used in combination with water.

Ecoline are brush pens with a large tip and wonderful colors to use together with water, creating fantastic watercolor effects!

There we also have Karin's Brushmarker Pro with a large tip. Crazy fun to use on watercolor paper as an example.

Karin also has the Decobrush, which also really excels with its large tip and full-coverage color that you can build layer upon layer with.

Finally Faber-Castell's Brush Pen Pitt artist which has a medium tip. The ink is waterproof and you can't play with water with these. But this form of pencil is, on the other hand, very good pencils for so-called mixed medium, that you want to combine different materials in, for example, sketches or the spread in a Bullet Journal.

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