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Folders and storage pockets

Welcome to our department with folders and storage pockets! We mainly focus on finding flexible solutions that can be easily stored in bags and notebooks.

Further down the page you will find Little tips on the way!

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A few tips along the way

About Folders and storage pockets

Do you want extra storage in a notebook? Then you should look at ice top pockets that have self-adhesive backs that you can stick into books. Also worth mentioning are the Kraft envelopes, which are insanely stylish. But you have to glue them in in that case.

Do you want a small file folder with different compartments for storage? Like for example for flake stickers? Take a look at Snopake and Hightide.

Do you want to be able to browse through storage with plastic pockets? Take a look at Demo folder and storage folder from BGM.

Finally, we have different forms of envelope folders/storage pockets in the form of FolderSys and Snopake.

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