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Dingbats Dotted notebook - Tidformera

Dingbat's Dotted notebook

Dingbats Dotted Notebooks, in all Wildlife, Earth and Pro series. Wildlife has notebooks in A6, A5 and A4 formats. Earth is in A5. These notebooks have paper that is 100 GSM. The notebooks in the PRO series instead have 160 GSM and are in the B5 format.

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About Dingbat's Dotted notebook

There are three different series! The differences between these are:

  • Wildlife is available in different sizes. From the tiny ones in A6, regular in A5 and large as A4. These have 100 GSM. In A5 format, there are also the notebooks with hard or soft covers.
  • Earth is only available in A5 and also has 100 GSM. These notebooks draw attention to places facing threats.
  • PRO is a series of books with linen covers in B5 format and the paper is 160 GSM.
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