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Bullet Journal book = Dotted notebook

When you start a Bullet Journal, you can use any notebook you like. But dotted notebook books or dotted journals are incredibly popular like BuJo! This is because dots make the books something in between lined, checkered and unlined notebooks. Dotted notebook books get all of these properties. You can draw, write, make tables, sketches, lists and the dots provide good support regardless of what you want to do.

7 years ago when we started our shop, there were almost no dotted notebooks to be found. We thought they were amazing because of their flexibility and that's why we've specialized in these lovely notebooks! Our focus rests on finding quality books and we are constantly looking to develop the range.

Paperstyle anteckningsböcker Dotted - Denim - Paperstyle - Tidformera

Which book should I choose?

You have decided to start with Bullet Journal and now you want a nice and good book? Congratulations! You are in the right place! Dotted notebooks are the books that are popular in Bullet Journaling and it is because these have flexibility with dots. You can simply transform lookups into exactly what you need. However, these are not books that were invented based on this method, but simply became popular in connection with this.

As I said, dotted notebooks are what we specialize in and we have lots of brands, sizes and colors. It can be difficult to know which book you want. We will now try to explain the differences between all the books in our assortment.

Månadsuppslag i en Bullet journal


Something that appears basically everywhere that can make someone new to this confused is that it says GSM. It is about the gram weight of the paper. Roughly simplified explanation is that 70 gsm is thin and 160 gsm is very thick paper. The reason why many people are interested in this is because those who like tinkering in their book can be surprised when they see things peeking through on paper, so-called ghosting. It is simply difficult to avoid in books with thinner paper, for natural reasons. On the other hand, there are a large number of people who love the feeling of thin rustling paper. If you think about the difference it makes if you write on a greaseproof paper versus a paper in cardboard, you probably understand that there is a science behind paper in books and the feeling of writing on it and also how the end result is in a book.

Some tips in choosing Dotted notebook books like Bullet Journal!

Leuchtturm1917 with 120 GSM

Leuchtturm1917 with 120 GSM are good books with extra everything in. There you also have Bullet Journal edition 2, which was produced in collaboration with the creator of the method. There are some extra quirks in it. But also notebooks where extra everything around the Bullet Journal is stripped away. The notebooks from Leuchtturm1917 are generally characterized by having extra everything with index, numbered pages, pocket at the back and label tape. Very good beginner's books for those who don't really know what they want.

Dotted notebooks with 160 GSM - notebooks for those of you who are crazy about ghosting

If you think you're going crazy with ghosting, you should check out the dotted notebook with 160 GSM. These notebooks have paper that is thicker and designed to be able to use a lot of colored pencils etc. In the Paper24 brand you will find books in two sizes, A5 is the classic standard format for notebooks. There are also books in the size B5, which is slightly larger. The books from Dingbats with 160 GSM are only available in the B5 size.

Dingbats dotted notebooks hos Tidformera

Do you want a notebook with an environmental focus right through?

If you want notebooks with a complete environmental focus, you should look at books from Dingbats, absolutely wonderful! The notebooks in the Wildlife and Earth series have 100 GSM and the papers are also perforated in Wildlife, so you can easily pull them out if needed. Available in several different colors with different animal motifs and in different sizes. Dingbats Pro in B5 size has 160 GSM.

Come in and say hello to Billy the duck, Oscar the whale, Bruno the bear, Luna the wolf, Daisy the deer, Naila the elephant, Raj the tiger, Gloria the hippo and Joey the kangaroo.

Nuuna Dotted notebooks hos Tidformera

Nuuna - Dotted notebooks with covers that stand out!

Nuuna are books that really stand out! The slogan is "The end of boring notebooks" and here you will find cool covers, colored edges around the book, 120 GSM and dots are more dense on these books than the rest of the books in our range. The majority are also in the Graphic L format, which is slightly larger than traditional notebooks in A5 format.

Here you will simply find really stylish, funny or cheerful notebooks. Books that are guaranteed to be a talking point!

Rhodia anteckningsböcker

Rhodia - wonderful cuddly books

The notebooks from Rhodia stand out in several different ways. The notebooks, which are available in a variety of colors, are very huggable in soft Italian artificial leather. Their books in the Goalbook series have thickened in the beginning with two different kinds of perpetual calendars. Extremely good if you don't want to make annual reviews but save that moment. There is also a reduced version Rhodiarama, which are flexible and lighter books. Last but not least Webnotebook which are traditional black notebooks with hard covers, but in different formats.

If you want to write with fountain pens, these books are specially adapted for that.

Leuchtturm1917 Dotted notebooks finns i många färger och storlekar

Leuchtturm1917 - Lots of colors in different formats and with hard or soft covers

Leuchtturm1917 really has you covered when it comes to options. Partly all the colors of the rainbow and then some. They are also available in all possible formats. From the tiny A6 to a substantial A4. In most of the sizes, you can also choose between a hard or soft cover.

There is also the Outlines model, which also survives water! The paper is made of the same material that nautical charts are made of. Perfect if you spend a lot of time at the lake, on the beach or out in the woods and fields.

Paperblanks anteckningsböcker med vackra pärmar

Other treats in our assortment

Compoco notebooks are books that really stand out. There are fun motifs and many details on the cover but also in. The notebooks are in A5 format with paper that is 100 GSM.

Paperstyle is Swedish design and has classic linen covers.

And last but not least mine, Paperblank's books with attractive covers.