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Pens for your Bullet Journal

Looking for pens for your Bullet Journal? Based on common customer questions, here we will try to find out what might be worth thinking about.

A problem many people experience in their Bullet Journal is that it becomes so-called ghosting, that it shines through on the other side of the paper. The second is that pencils can bleed through paper. Pens that are alcohol based do not work in regular notebooks, they simply bleed through. Instead, you should use water-based pens and in our shop 99.9% of the pens are water-based. That it ghosts largely depends on which book, pen and technology you have.

* Avoid writing/drawing with pencils over and over in the same place. Instead, use, for example, brush pens.
* Wipe off some of the wetness on newly purchased pencils on another piece of paper. When the pen has been used for a while, you can get completely different results.
* Use the last page of the book to test pens. Test how it turns out and also test limits on how much you can expose the paper to.
*Never rest pencils in the same place on paper but incorporate technique around it.

Favoritpennorna i pennfodralet

Roughly summarized is that in the pen case of many in Bullet Journaling you will find:

* Fineliners are popular for sketching out layouts and many also use them for actual writing.
* Brush pen , i.e. brush pens are popular for colouring, making strokes and writing headlines.
* Gel and rollerball are good for daily writing and decorating.
* Marker pens are used to sketch out certain layouts before you can adjust and edit them.
* Fiber tip pens of different types with different functions. For decoration, but here you will also find some extra functions such as dot pens.
* Highlighter pens basically have the same function as the brush pen mentioned above.

Fineliners till detaljerade arbeten

Fineliners - For detailed work

Fineliners are incredibly popular pens to use when doing Bullet Journaling. These are usually the pens that have been used if you see layouts with thin black writing. With us you will find lots of popular brands and they are available in a multitude of different line widths.

A tip in this context is to test a few different brands and with different line widths. All the pens are good, but everyone just gets different favorites.

They are also available in colored! In everything from clear colors to sepia and grey. Great for lifting different spreads with decorations but also the layout itself.

Brush pens - Pennor med penselspets - hittar du hos Tidformera

Brush pen = Pens with a brush tip

Brush pens are extremely popular in Bullet Journaling. They are used both for colouring, lettering and writing headings. Many of the pens are double tipped with a thinner tip for details. You get a lot of functions in one and the same pen. A brush pen is kinder to the paper if you want to color compared to traditional coloring pencils.

Brush pens are available with different tip sizes and those with a small tip are mainly for writing different forms of headlines on publications. There, Tombow Fudenosuke and Pentel Brush sign are extremely popular.

Worth considering is that if you want to color with brush pens in a book with thinner paper, you should mainly look at Tombow ABT Dual brush, Zebra mildliner or ZIG Brushables.

A tip here too is to test a few different single colors as pieces from the different brands.

Sarasa Vintage gelpennor finns bland våra favoriter

Gel and rollerball pens

Gel and rollerball are simply classic ballpoint pens (rollerball tip) with a water-based gel ink. These pens are nice to write the running text with. The gel ink means that pens are easy to write on and you don't have to touch them.

These pencils are available in lots of wonderful colors and are also used a lot for decorating. A tip also here to try a few of different brands and different colors.


Many choose to sketch out their spreads with a marker pen beforehand to be able to easily adjust. In our range you will find classics such as Pilot Super grip . But also ballpoint pens with some smart functions. With Tombow's Mono graph you easily shake out pins and in Pentel Twist-Erase there is a very long eraser hidden that you twist forward. Pilot Color Eno is a good option if you want to be able to erase but also have color.

Dotpennorna från Zig är mycket populära bland våra kunder.

Fiber tip pens

Fiber tip pens are what most people are used to using for coloring, but within the Bullet Journal they are mainly used for details and headings. Here you will find a smart and fun pencils and we mainly want to recommend the dot pens from ZIG, they are extremely popular! Twintone is very good with its double nibs with different line widths and poppis for details and making spreads. Finally , Faber-Castell metallics , which have a lovely metallic luster and can add a dose of glamor to the spreads.

Överstrykningspennor hos Tidformera

Marking pens

Delicious highlighting pens with functions beyond the ordinary. Faber-Castell with glitter or pastel. Tombow with plastic cover on tip, perfect for use with rulers and Pilot's erasable marker pens. Everyone is something out of the ordinary!

Hope you find the perfect pens for your Bullet Journal with us!

Additional considerations and questions? Email and we will respond quickly!

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