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Pigma INK Pigma micron

Pigma® ink was invented by Sakura over 30 years ago and is found in Pigma micron pens. The ink is water-based so it does not bleed through paper and it is pigment ink that is light-resistant, archive-safe and ph-neutral. The pens have a metal tip. Popular pens among architects, artists and nowadays in Bullet Journaling

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A few tips along the way

About Pigma INK Pigma micron

Pigma INK was invented and patented back in 1982 and has since been popular within certain professional groups, including architects. It's a great ink!

Our view is that if you don't get along with a Pigma fineliner, then you should try a Uni Pin (and vice versa). We can't put our finger on what the difference would be. But the experience at this point is that it works.

Something that people also usually have problems with is getting control of the line width on pens. This is how you get a quick overview!

003 = 0.15
005 = 0.20
01 = 0.25
02 = 0.30
03 = 0.35
04 = 0.40
05 = 0.45
08 = 0.50
10 = 0.60
12 = 0.70

As you can see, the logic is not entirely clear. :)

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