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Paint and draw

Welcome to our Painting & Drawing department. Here we collect everything on that theme. Let the creativity flow!

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About Paint and draw

Amazing colors Gansai Tambi! If you like to paint with watercolor or gouache, it is more or less a must that you try these. Much creamier feeling than classic watercolors. You can use the colors both as watercolor and gouache as the result depends on how much water you add. They are absolutely gorgeous and the big set gives me goosebumps.

On the goosebumps theme, the Irojiten colored pencils also qualify. For one thing, the pens are wonderful, but the sets are all about perfection. Irojiten means color dictionary in Japanese and there are a total of 9 "lexicons" divided into 3 sets. The packages look like little books and the pens in them have incredibly beautiful color combinations.

With us, you won't find traditional brushes, but instead, brushes with a water tank are hidden in our range. Brushes that you simply fill with water. Probably not the first choice for the professional. But absolutely brilliant for those of us who want to do things outside in the hammock or take with us when we're on the go.

Here at Painting & Drawing you will of course also find watercolor blocks, sketchbooks, various sets and even books. What you need if you want to get started with painting, drawing and sketching.

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