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Welcome to our section with diaries! Here you will find 1-year, 3-year, 5-year and 10-year bonds from different brands. Writing a diary is a well-proven trick and also something psychologists often recommend to deal with stress or anxiety, among other things. Excellent gifts! Tips for getting started with writing can be found at the very bottom of this page.

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A few tips along the way

About Diaries

In our assortment, you will mainly find the classic diaries from Paperstyle.They are diaries with Swedish design and Swedish text. Classic covers in textile with beautiful colors.

We also have Some lines a day from Leuchtturm1917. They are 5-year diaries where the paper is the classic 80 GSM that Leuchtturm's books have. There is also a pocket at the back of the book.

Finally, the Lace Allure diary from Paperblanks. Beautiful book to have on the bedside table. The motif has inspiration from the late Victorian era in England. It is in the Ultra format, which means that it is slightly larger than both the books from Leuchtturm1917 and Paperstyle.

These models of diaries are pre-printed but not limited to a year so you can start whenever you want. If you're looking for a diary that doesn't necessarily need to be thick, we recommend you take a look at the notebooks from Paperblanks.


Some tips on how to get started with writing:

Do you want to start writing a diary but don't really know what to write or think it's hopeless because it will be so ugly and messy? Maybe it's the psychologist who said it's good? Or the doctor who wants you to start keeping track of pain or health?

What happens when you write with pen on paper is that the brain begins to process in a completely different way than if the thoughts are swirling around like ping-pong balls in the skull. That mess is just a reflection of the brain's mess. Making some very basic notes helps the brain structure. Consider the diary as your closest friend to whom you want to tell things. That friend (the diary) also has an extra trick as the brain's filer who sorts papers into a filing cabinet (the brain).

Writing is not about a competition to write volumes and it is not a beauty contest when it comes to the writing. It is important to cross the threshold of not being afraid to put pen to paper. It's a process like anything else, like riding a bike. At the beginning it can feel wobbly, but after a while it goes at breakneck speed. Browsing back to day one after a few years is fun, seeing the progression from the first wobbly steps to what it has evolved to become. How to see how the writing has developed, to what you focus on writing about, to formulations.

But there is nothing to write, you might think? There is always something to write. But start from the outsidePurpose. Try to make it clear to yourself why you want to start writing a diary. Maybe you want to start writing because it feels like a fun thing to do? Trying to dial in some good things from the day is always good. It may sound like a real platitude, but focusing on just good things is balm for the soul. Little notes about the sun coming out today. I found a super nice sweater, my Christmas cactus bloomed for the first time, a customer sent such a nice email, the boss praised my work, I managed to wash a machine. Little everyday things that feel important to just you that made you a little happy. Looking for these nuggets in everyday life can be very important sometimes.

Is it about, for example, health and instructions from the doctor to start writing. Have the starting point in sleep, exercise, food, weather, social, but it doesn't have to be a thesis into calorie level. Just notes that last night I slept super badly, had a headache after lunch. Ate a crazy good salad but got a stomach ache afterwards. Finally, all this little chatter can lead to seeing a pattern. It may not feel obvious at the time, but after a few weeks, thoughts of "but wait, I always get..." may start to appear.

If it's anxiety and stress, it's super important to get it down on paper. It can feel like life is completely hopeless and you don't really know where to start because you really can't take it. You are so tired and exhausted. Getting things out of your head into a book is really great. It's about putting words to your feelings. A meaning, context and structure is created in the chaos. Google the term "Expressive writing". Pouring out feelings uncensored. Then the brain's filer will have an easier time sorting things out.

Hope you got some tips on the way now. And you, pull out paper and pen now - get started. Catch those fluttering thoughts.

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