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Washi tape Styckevis - Tidformera

Washi tape Pieces

Welcome to our department with washi tape and decorative tape as pieces in quantities! Let loose and create your own candy bag. Choose and choose from different widths, colors, brands and motifs! Here you will also find a few different models that stand out.

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About Washi tape Pieces

The majority of the range consists of traditional washi tape, which is decorative tape made from thin Japanese paper. Usually there is an adhesive on it that makes it removable.

Washi is also available in the form of washi stickers, but then it is stickers that we are talking about.

Clear tape is not made of paper but plastic which can be transparent in places. Clear stickers are the same material but as stickers.

Die Cut washi tape means that it is die-cut around motifs. However, it is still on a roll of continuous tape.

Dot punch washi tape has that it is perforated between motifs. Like a classic roll of stamps. But for those who are younger than that, it simply means that there are small punched holes that make it easy to tear off. Above all, it is a nice detail and can also be advantageously used as stickers.

Many people who use washi tape also use it for practical purposes and it's not all about the function of decoration. Single-colored washi tape is popular in contexts where you need or want to mark with different colors. But they are also downright brilliant to use as complementary washi to those with motifs.


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