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What can you use a Dotted Journal for?

Vad kan man använda en Dotted Journal till? - Tidformera

Dotted Journal is used for what?

Regardless of what you need, you can create your own book that will help you! You can create fun books where you collect memories, reflections, inspiration and ideas! Dotted notebooks have an insert with dots, which means that the notebooks get all the good qualities of lined, squared and glossy pages. Popular to use for:

  • Garden book - to get a handle on everything you want to implement or are already doing in the garden. Sowing, cultivation, when, where and how. Sorts on shrubs and trees, save info and note in future years. Make sketches etc.

  • House book - to save memories, for example different layers of wallpaper as rumors during renovations. Check the white goods, when purchased? How long warranty? And save receipts there. Notice of when service was carried out on the air heat pump, which color code is painted on the moldings, etc. A book where you store everything of importance while it is like a biography of the house.

  • UFO book (unfinished objects) is an excellent tool for those who start project after project. And rarely complete. To take inventory of everything that is lying around and clear everything and try to complete what you actually really want to get done.

  • Jul-BuJo is a book about planning Christmas. You fill it with everything you feel is important at Christmas. Recipes, memories, remember for next time etc.

  • Making your own recipe book is extremely fun. For one thing, you can preserve older relatives' books that may be about to fall to pieces. Or make several copies for the group of siblings. Creating your own based on favorite recipes is a really great resource when the imagination runs wild. But can also be a nostalgic and treasured future treasure for the children.

  • Health book - to get an overview of health. Exercise, sleep, food, medications, mood. Can be aimed at menstruation, menopause, depression, sleep problems.

  • Planning! We have a whole section about the Bullet Journal . A fantastic technique to get control of a messy brain and is also what we specialize in.

*An example of a sketch of the garden in the gardening book.

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