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Dotted Journaling - Different Techniques

Dotted Journaling - Olika tekniker - Tidformera

Memories, thoughts, reflection, inspiration and ideas

Dotted notebooks are popular in contexts around so-called journaling. Which means that on a daily, weekly or monthly basis, you write down thoughts, experiences, reflections entirely within the area that you need. Quick explanation of different forms of techniques are:

  • Dotted Journal - A notebook with dots that you write continuously in. Memories, thoughts, reflection, inspiration and ideas.

  • Bullet Journal - A planning method where you pour everything into your life . Diary, planning, to do lists. Exactly everything! It becomes your mobile brain.

  • Art Journal - You combine a lot of sketching and painting. It can be a diary where you also draw a lot. It could be a Bullet Journal. But that the focus rests on putting a lot of powder on the artistic side. It can be a way of expressing feelings through the artistic .

  • Creative journaling - as mentioned above. However, it can include much more from so-called scrapbooking. Cutting, pasting, getting involved with lots of different mediums of pencils, colors and materials.

  • Junk Journal - here you give yourself and often take wherever you have . You can make your own book from old paper, cover from old curtain fabric, paste in material from, for example, an old telephone directory. Often there are mixed papers in. But the watchword is to really indulge in different materials.

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