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What is decorative tape used for?

 Vad använder man dekorationstejp till?  - Tidformera

Throughout the ages, it has been jokingly noted that silver tape is a must in every man's home, to fix things. The decorative tape has evolved into a modern equivalent. The big question is what can't you use a roll for? Once you have started using it, it becomes a must almost constantly.

  • The decoration function - it really is the icing on the cake when it comes to decorating anything imaginable. If you use a calendar, the calendar will be so much more fun with a little bit of decoration here and there. We became aware of these when we started with Bullet Journaling . I don't think we've had a single spread over the years that hasn't received a piece of washi tape to liven up boring lists.

  • All creativity with greeting cards, invitation cards, scrapooking, letter writing, diaries, everything like that gets a little boost with a little decorating with decorative tape. A greeting card often has a crazy boring white inside and most people have a hard time getting it to go up a notch. One strip on and voila, it has been given a lift.
  • In the home - to decorate or hide blemishes. A strip on a shelf can give a crazy good lift. But even camouflaging veneers have started to come off. Easy to change according to taste. Decorate photo frames. Mark jars in the kitchen or boxes in the cupboards. You simply write on the washi tape (a marker is often required, so write on tape first and then place).

  • Mark mugs and glasses at parties, Mark which cord is whose or for what, Wrap cords, mark keys, decorate the mobile phone, decorate the computer.

  • Use as index tabs in books, decorate books, tape on a piece of cardboard and voila you have a nice bookmark for a book.

  • Post a temporary note on the door at home or at work? Well, great for that. Children want to start sticking pictures and paper on wardrobe doors, equip them with washi tape.

As you can see, the only limits are literally the imagination. But consider the decorative tape as the savior in times of need both with decoration and blemishes - and there are application after application. It's the savior in a pinch when you want to get a twist!

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