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Motifs on products

Motiv på produkter - Tidformera

We have a wide range of products with different motifs. They appear on the filter in the form of small emojis! Here we explain what is included in the various symbols so that you can easily click the right one! You can then use the filter to quickly select the type of product you are looking for.

🌷 - Here you will find flowers in large loads!
🌳 - Nature and garden with landscape, tools, bushes, trees and plants.
🎅🏻 - Christmas with elves, packages, Christmas trees, Christmas balls, etc.
🐦 - Birds and feathers of all kinds.
🐈 -Everything about cats!
🐕‍🦺 - You can find dogs here.
🏤 - Buildings, architecture, houses and things in the home can be found here.
🐳 - Fish, whales, beach, boats, water and corals. Here you can find everything with a lake and sea theme .
- Weather and seasons - Spring, summer, autumn and winter
🎵 - Music, sheet music and instruments
📝 - Here you can find everything with stationery motifs ! Pens, ink bottles, writing, stamps, letters, lettering and calligraphy.
🌙 - Space theme! Moon, sun and planets are here. Even the occasional rocket!
💜 - Hearts, love and romantic motifs are found at the purple hearts.
- Stars
🧘🏻‍♀️ - Health, sleep, exercise and well-being. There are also things here that are good to have for making trackers.
👯‍♀️ - Here are all products that have people in the motif!
🍽 - Everything related to food, drink, fruit, coffee and coffee is available on the plate!
🐝 - Butterflies, bees and other insects can be found here.
🚉 - Travel - Here you can find motifs with e.g. trains and boats, suitcases, sights and maps!
🧚🏻‍♀️ - Fairies, magical and mystical things, fantasy, witches, dragons and from the world of fairy tales are here.
🐇 - The rabbit represents all other animals (except cat, dog, fish, birds and insects)
🕰 - Vintage theme with everything that we can classify as vintage, retro or old-fashioned
📘 - We have book motifs here!
🔠 - Motifs with text, words, numbers or letters can be found here.
🖼 - Stamps, stickers and stencils with frames
🎬 - Movie theme
✂ - Everything that has to do with a hobby . It can be hobbies such as sewing, knitting, crocheting, lace, painting, gardening, cards and photography, for example.

💲 - Finance and budget
Motifs with a calendar theme

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