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Ecoline Penselpennor - Tidformera

Ecoline Brush Pens

Ecoline Brush Pen are brush pens with a flexible tip from Royal Talens . The pencils are suitable for drawing, writing but also for coloring larger surfaces. These pens are known for their brilliant and bright colors. You get the best results when using on white or light paper. Suitable for drawing paper, cardboard or watercolor paper .

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A few tips along the way

About Ecoline Brush Pens

The brush pens are very wet but have a fairly short drying time and are odorless. You can easily reduce the color intensity by diluting with water. If the brush tip dries, it is easily remedied by moistening it with water.


Brush pens

Use on white paper or watercolor.

Can be diluted with water

Dried brush tip gets new life by moistening with water.

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