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Welcome to our department with books! Here you will find a mixed compote of treats. Our business concept is about time, to have time for more. Over the years we have looked for different methods and then fell in love with the Bullet Journal method . It's about planning with a creative twist. Then our assortment went criss-crossing with all the fun things that you can use with lots of pens and notebooks .

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A few tips along the way

About Books

Books on methods

With an introduction about methods, there is actually a book about lots of methods. Change Journal is literally a buffet table to try out a bunch of methods to help you be more productive. A really good book too The 1% method where you get strategies on how to form good habits and break bad ones! Through minimal changes. This is a book that we highly recommend!

Back to theme Bullet Journal is the book about the method almost a must for those who really want to learn about the method itself. Then there are also nice tidbits that instead aim at how you can do in your book. The book Journaling – Creative Techniques mainly touches on different materials that one can use with washi tape, pens etc. While the book 101 Layouts for your Bullet Journal instead, the focus is on concrete findings to be made in his book.

The Bullet Journal method is based on organizing your life with paper and pen. Which leads on to the assortment related to writing.

Books about drawing & writing

It's so much fun trying to develop your writing. Which has resulted in a bit of geeking out about calligraphy which has made the books Creative, classic and timeless calligraphy and Learn in 15 minutes: Calligraphy available in our range. But can't you be content with just writing in a nice writing style? And then the book landed Draw font creative hand lettering in shop. A book that we really recommend as it touches on a lot of fun with fonts, drawing, doodling and sketching. On the theme of combining writing/drawing, there is a really odd layout in the book Illuminated Letters Sketchbook. In other words, it wasn't enough to just write anymore, which leads on to the next tip in the assortment.

Doodling and scribbling. How fun is it to scribble thoughts and ideas with simple figures?Sketchnote Journal is a book where you easily learn to create visual notes. Really fun book that we really recommend! But should you stick to simpler figures? Of course, it's super fun to actually try to learn to draw too. You can look at the books there You will be able to sign when you are done with this book which is in pencil and there is also a book for colored pencils.

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