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Traveler's notebook

We have a wide range of TRAVELER'S notebooks from Traveler's Company! Traveler's notebook is often abbreviated to TN. It is a system with beautiful leather covers and to these there are then a multitude of refills so that you can create your own perfect book. With exactly what you need and want.

The Traveler's notebook is available in two formats and Passport (13.5 x 9.8 cm) is the small and the large is Regular (22.9 x 14.5 cm).

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A few tips along the way

About Traveler's notebook

The original!

Many other brands sell products under similar names and designs. But this is the original.Midoriis a Japanese company that was founded back in the 1950s. In 1996 they created these notebooks and then had to go under their own flagship as Traveler's Company.

The leather covers become more beautiful the more you use them and with each passing year. The leather covers are available in different colors and the patina gives the leather a beautiful shine after years of use.


How to attach refills to Traveler's notebook

You attach refills with the help of small rubber bands and this allows you to refurnish the book completely to your own liking and taste. It is a simple design where the idea is that the simplicity should give you the freedom to develop it exactly as you want it.


On the Traveler's Company site there are clear instructions on how to attach refills:

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