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Stenciler och Linjaler - Tidformera

Stencils and Rulers

Welcome to our department with stencils and rulers! Here you will find a range of practical accessories for measuring and decorating. Our focus rests mainly on finding just slightly smarter accessories.

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About Stencils and Rulers

Short rulers. That's what you'll find with us! In Bullet Journaling, you usually want to have a ruler with you when you're on the go. A long and unwieldy one usually ends up lying at home. Most notebooks have a pocket along the back of the book and there is a perfect place to store it.

Also available with clips so you can simultaneously use as a bookmark and mark where you are in the book.

Do you still want a long ruler? Then Midori's folding ruler is really good. Perfect to also take to school in the pencil compartment.

We have different forms of calendar stencils. Perfect tool when you can't bear to keep your tongue in your mouth when sketching out different forms of weekly, monthly and annual spreads in a Bullet Journal. There it is mainly the Dotted Journal Stencil set and the Angle & Circle Maker that we want to highlight. The latter is perfect if you want to make round trackers.

Of course, we also have classics such as protractors and circle templates.

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