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Dotted notebooks

With us you will find an incredible range of dotted notebooks, also called dotted journals, being notebooks with dots. This form of notebook is incredibly popular within the Bullet Journaling planning method.

Under A few tips along the way there are a lot of useful tips about differences in books, gsm and popular brands!

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A few tips along the way

About Dotted notebooks

Here at Tidformera you will find an incredible range of dotted notebooks, also called dotted journals, which are notebooks with dots. This form of notebooks is extremely popular within the planning method Bullet Journaling.

Dotted notebooks - fantastic because of their flexibility

We think these dotted notebooks are amazing because of their flexibility. You basically get a notebook that you can use as ruled, blank or gridded, all in one. Perfect for being able to write continuously but at the same time also being able to make sketches and trackers without it feeling crazy. That's why we've specialized in these lovely notebooks!

Sweden's widest range of dotted notebooks and with us you will find:

Our focus rests on finding quality books and we are constantly on the hunt and develop the range continuously. Here you will find notebooks that are dotted in every imaginable color, format, soft and hard covers and various gsm on paper. (Use the filter if you know roughly what you are looking for)

GSM stands for grams per square meter and this means that if you take 1 meter x 1 meter of this paper, it weighs X number of grams. This has become a form of measurement unit to try to explain how thick the paper is in books. This is because many people want to use a lot of pencils for decorating and that it can bleed through or ghost. 160 GSM is the thickest paper we have in the range of dotted notebooks and Japanese paper the absolute thinnest. Common standards are around 80/90 (think of how copy paper is).

We have dotted notebooks with 80 GSM, 90 GSM, 100 GSM, 120 GSM and 160 GSM. As well as dotted notebooks with Japanese thin paper where GSM is an unknown number. The reason for that is that in Japan they have different units of measurement than we have in Europe. Sometimes it has made a translation, but usually not.

Our absolute best sellers among dotted notebooks

If the filter is set to most popular, you will usually find the top 10:

  • Dingbat's wildlife series- notebooks with a complete environmental focus! The paper within the layer is normal standard paper.
  • Bullet Journal edition 2 from Leuchtturm1917. These are notebooks that the creator of the Bullet Journal method produced with Leuchtturm1917. The paper is 120 GSM, slightly thicker. The author himself uses the notebooks from Leuchtturm but the other regular ones that have paper that is 80 GSM. These notebooks have all imaginable details with index, page numbering, etc. But there was extensive criticism of these as there can be ghosting and bleeding as it is a fairly thin paper. Therefore, notebooks with 120 GSM were developed.
  • Dotted refill from Traveler's Company. They are incredibly beautiful leather covers that you fill with everything you need.
  • Different designs of Dotted Notebook 160 GSM. Notebooks that can handle a lot of work without excessive ghosting and bleeding. It is the thickest paper in the range.
  • Dotted refill to Atoma.They are blocks that you can rearrange the paper in and fill up with whatever you want.
  • Writing books from Nuuna. Incredibly cool notebooks with really nice covers.
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