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Paperblanks anteckningsböcker - Tidformera

Paperblank notebooks

We have an incredibly wide range of notebooks from Paperblanks . These notebooks are available as lined, dotted and unlined and in lots of different series. These series in turn also have lots of nice accessories with washi tape , bookmarks and pencil cases . We are constantly replenishing with new wonderful series and broadening the ones we already have.

There is a video with the different sizes in the blog.

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A few tips along the way

About Paperblank notebooks

Paperblank notebooks are available in a variety of designs and formats. In addition, they have different GSM on paper depending on the size and whether it is soft or hard cover.

A tip is to use the filter on this page to quickly find the right one. In the filter, you will see that they are partly visible with Paperblank's own name on the formats. From smallest to largest are Mini, Midi, Maxi, Ultra and Grande. But we have also 'classified' these based on standard sizes that are most often used with the names like A5 etc. There are deviations but you get an indication of how big they are. In the Maxi size, there are only notebooks with a dotted insert. If you want to read more about differences in different sizes with measurements, you have the information here.

Here you will land quickly in the right department if you know which format you want. From largest to smallest:

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