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Jelly Roll

Gelly Roll are gel pens from Sakura. With us, you will mainly find an assortment with the so-called Moonlight pens, which work very well on colored paper. It is water-based pigment ink that provides clear, strong colors that do not fade.

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About Jelly Roll

Gelly roll pens are available in a number of different series! In our assortment you will mainly find the moonlight series. These are pencils that work incredibly well on colored paper and pencils that we primarily recommend if you buy a book with black or dark colored leaves.

We also have Stardust and these are glitter pens with finely ground glitter in them. Incredibly delicious effects! Outlines is a newcomer that frames text with an additional color. However, it doesn't have the effect that you might have seen on social media videos where it looks really funny with strong highlights. The reason for this is that the pens that show the flow are usually pens with alcohol-based ink that do not work in notebooks. They bleed through on the paper. These Gelly Roll Outlines are a nice model that actually works in notebooks.

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