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Welcome to our department with storage! Our specialty is mainly about things that are related to products in our range. Practical solutions that you can easily put in your handbag when you're on the go.

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A few tips along the way

About Storage

We have flexible folders that you can easily put in your bag. Excellent storage for, among other things stickers.

We have a wide range of smart pencil case. Here you have every opportunity to choose and choose based entirely on need. Do you want it sorted, like a tray, like a mobile pen cup? Or maybe you just need to carry a couple of pens on a book? Or quantities in a spacious? Lots of options and colors to choose from.

Extra storage in notebooks? There, ice top pockets are a classic best-selling product. An additional tip is to look at all the accessories that are hiding among the TRAVELER'S notebooks

The organizer for Tombow ABT is a gem to have on your desk!


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