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Welcome to our department on the theme of watercolor. Here you will find paper and paints.

Watercolor paints in our range are from Faber-Castell and ZIG Kuretake! The difference between these is that Faber-Castell has the classic hard "cookies". The colors from ZIG Kuretake have 2 different models but the common denominator is that the "cakes" are creamy in feel. One model has thin transparent paint and the other can be used as watercolor or gouache, it all depends on how much water you add.

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A few tips along the way

About Watercolor

Many have missed that brush pens are super fun to use in watercolor! We have a wide range of just brush pens because they are so incredibly versatile. Use for fine writing, coloring, overlining. But also on watercolor paper! Will be an incredibly nice result!

On the blog under paint you can peek at books, to use brush pens on watercolor paper and to take a closer look at the colors Gansai.

Many have also missed the excellence of water tank brushes! It simply creates flexibility if you want to easily paint a little while lying in the hammock or sitting in the park. Of course, they don't have the same quality as real brushes, but an incredibly flexible alternative.

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